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Coca-Cola's Journey Shows Content Is Central to the Company's Digital Strategy

Coca-Cola revolutionizes its corporate website through a content marketing approach.

Coca-Cola has traded its traditional corporate website for Journey, an online lifestyle magazine. This is a true marketing revolution for such a strong brand, and this revolution has a name: Content Marketing. The usual information about the brand is still there: press releases, information for investors, job postings, etc, but this is only a small part of this digital magazine that pushes a variety of content in various formats about various topics such as: 

Content is now at the heart Coca-Cola’s strategy. This initiative has a name: Content 2020. Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-President of Global Advertising stated at the Guardian Changing Advertising Summit (October 20th, 2012): “We want to move from creative excellence to excellence in content creation.” He added: “All advertisers need a lot more content if they want to maintain long lasting and relevant engagement with their customers.”

I suggest you watch the video above that explain Coca-Cola’s content marketing strategy. It’s a jewel! Make sure you take note of the comment at the end of the video: Coca-Cola cannot only rely on a 30 seconds TV commercial strategy anymore.

With the adoption of such a strategy, Coca-Cola validates that Content Marketing is the marketing segment that currently offers the strongest growth. Brands don’t necessarily need traditional media anymore to create engagement with their customers. Traditional media has not only lost its monopoly on the distribution of advertising, it’s losing its monopoly on the creation and distribution of original content. That said, traditional media still has a key role to play in the creation of these new marketing initiatives.

If you haven’t yet included Content Marketing in the mix of the marketing strategy for your brand in 2013, we hope that this new initiative from Coca-Cola will convince you that this is more than just a trend and that you should look into this very closely, and pick it up as soon as possible.



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