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Want to Increase Engagement? Try These 5 AI-Driven Web Personalization Steps

How publishers can serve personalized content using AI and Marketing automation.

We have been experimenting with global publishers to deliver highly personalized content to customers via email campaigns, newsletters, landing pages and notifications.

We use a combination of several technologies:

1. SIA by Opentopic — SIA is a content recommendation engine powered by IBM Watson, that creates detailed content breakdowns and relationships for specific user personas.

2. We run our clients’ content through the SIA engine, which will select the most relevant content based on machine learning algorithms. In other words, SIA recommends the best content for a defined audience segment.

3. Content is published to a dynamic content hub built on a marketing automation platform (MAP) — like Marketo or HubSpot. The MAP automatically pulls the content from the publisher’s website (after being processed by SIA) and routes it to personalized modules or landing pages, into newsletters, and email campaigns. We connect retargeting platforms and social tracking to allow for FB remarketing and mobile notifications.

4. The Marketing Automation Platform helps create persistent profiles of visitors. The platform learns during each visitor’s session and will enhance the visitor’s profile with each return visit, to allow for personalization of content for known, or anonymous users.

5. Behavioral data is sent back to SIA, which learns from user interactions and improves the content recommendations for visitors with similar profiles in the future.

With this kind of deployment, we increase user engagement on the publisher’s own website, microsites, and email campaigns. The direct result is an increase in content consumption per visit, which drives advertising revenue and increases subscription rates. By surfacing the most relevant content during what is often a consumer’s first-impression of the publisher, a visitor is more likely to engage with promotions, offers, and future campaigns.



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