Today Eurovia launched a new version of its website, designed by RevSquare, which also transformed the user experience and developed the front-end technology.

Eurovia, a VINCI company, is a world leader in transport infrastructure construction and  urban development. Eurovia operates in 16 countries.

Prior to this new version, was not accessible on mobile devices. RevSquare’s goal was to enhance the user experience across desktop and mobile versions, providing in particular an “at a glance” understanding of Eurovia’s diverse array of activities.

The Revsquare-designed mobile version is a new experience in itself. RevSquare’s designers, developers, and project managers created more than simply a mobile version of the website, but instead an experience focused on data and information that’s essential on-the-go.

After overhauling the information architecture, usability, design, and front-end development of the site, the Revsquare team turned the project over to Eurovia’s own development team to complete the back-end integration.

RevSquare has also been working with Eurovia on social media campaigns, helping the company better target its audiences as well as grow its presence on Facebook, Twitter and Storify.

The Eurovia website can be found here, in English and in French.