I am very proud today as I announce the first mobile application of the French branch of Revsquare, just released today on the App Store. I am proud because it is the first B2C media from AFP in partnership with Radio France. An iPad application, both personalized and innovative, which combines the best of France Info, France Inter, France Culture and AFP on the presidential and legislative elections. Proud as well because the design and development of this application have been a race against the stop-watch: not even two months of development (we started content and design strategy mid-December and development late January.)


The application, France 2012, relies on Trendsboard technology, a semantic algorithm that analyzes and prioritizes the real-time content of Radio France and AFP based on the conversations shared over the Internet (I will launch Trendsboard in April, aiming it at editors and trademarks). With this technology, the user can control his information through three filters (political and campaign issues, candidates, and soon geolocation), just as in a video game. It presents the best content of these two major media groups – text, photos, audio and video – in a format each user can personalize in his or her own way.

The hope of Radio France and AFP was to propose an informative experience completely thoughtout on tablets, unlike most platforms where information is first designed for the web and then on mobile phones. So we had to think about the user experience in a radically new way: the game interface. In a vision once synthetic and customized, we decided to use a gaming UI logic (users use their thumbs to filter the information while reading).

There is also the fun feature where users share their mood in response to the candidate who convinces them the most during the campaign. This iPad application will be optimized in the coming days. A mobile version of iPhone and Android is already being finalized.

On this project, Revsquare (which has just installed offices in Paris) has worked mostly with its local team: the incredible Julien Tauvel on interface design and project management, Matthew Stéfani (co-founder of Citizen Side) on editorial design, the masterful Jean Veronis on algorithms (with input from Jeff Mignon and Dave Wang in New York), and Stéphane Lagrange (in charge of the development team) in Montreal.

This was a project I had great pleasure directing. In addition, we were facing a highly mobilized and deeply creative client team. At Radio France, we had our friend Joël Ronez, the new Director of New Media at Radio France and the Formula 1 of French digital media, assisted by Albert-Alexandre Stewart. At AFP, Bernard Pellegrin, Deputy Director of Information, whose electric spirit has given a facelift to the institution.

Discover it here on iTunes. It’s free, and already being optimized for the V2 in the next few days…