The RevSquare French and American teams have been working together to rethink and develop the new site of the geo political show “Le Dessous des Cartes” aired on Arte, the Franco-German TV channel. The project has been develop by Benoît Raphaël, Jeff Mignon and Guillaume Pousseo the new CEO of RevSquare France. Elisa Riteau overviewed the UI and the interactive design.

Benoît Raphaël gives some more details, on his blog (in French), about the editorial concept: “explanation journalism”. A concept that the RevSquare team has been pushing for now many years. In a real time world, people need more and more contextualisation, analysis, prospectives… in one word: explanations.

Following this principal, Art Presse, a member of the RevSquare network, has developed long form informational graphics for the new site.

The site has been developed with the PHP framework Symfony 1.4 (open source). The RevSquare team has been focusing on two frameworks Symfony (PHP) and Django (Python). Regarding Symfony, our team is now moving to Symfony 2.0.