ReachMD, a provider of online medical education content, came to us with many design ideas but one driving business objective: build an industry-leading website that would drive a new level of deep user engagement that could allow ReachMD to leapfrog competitors in the traditional medical education sector. The task called on RevSquare to reimagine the ReachMD brand and platform while modernizing infrastructure and legacy systems to deliver a true digital native experience.


Launched in January 2015, the new ReachMD website was a bold departure that yielded impressive and immediate results. Three months after launch, the site boasted a 62% increase in visits, a 63% increase in overall content downloads (a key success metric for the client) and a 53% increase in so-called CME downloads (content for which users can receive credit). And in a promising sign for the new content surfacing strategy, 67% of users consumed a secondary piece of content when placed in proximity to the original piece of content. Recently, the relaunched site was named a finalist for a top industry award.


The redevelopment of ReachMD was a true partnership between agency and client, in which we were asked for assistance at all levels, from strategy to design to technical development. Still, having undertaken an ambitious goal, we needed to continually focus on delivering the most important features first. At the same time, the replacement of numerous legacy systems related to management of audio and video content and integration with multiple third-party systems increased engineering complexity.


We kicked off the project with the ReachMD team with a strategy phase to help us understand the user personas and transaction journeys of various segments of the audience, from physicians to nurse practitioners to healthcare consumers. We began by defining business requirements via industry benchmarking and a brand workshop. Armed with this information, we created the content strategy and new site architecture, and designed and built the front-end across a set of a highly iterative cycles. We then turned to integration and development. While we have implemented an agile-scrum process for continued development and maintenance of ReachMD, the initial site design was conducted according to a waterfall methodology. Along the way, we provided devops support for server configuration and third-party service integration.


We build the new ReachMD in python to deliver a stable, scalable technology. Feature-wise, the site boasts a fully JavaScript enabled Media Player (plays audio, video, slides, text, and SCORM modules) as well as adaptive, fluid design (multi-device friendly) and optimized for a mobile experience, not to mention a powerful recommendations algorithm and “follow me” experience of media across devices.