We were delighted to learn recently that our client ReachMD, a leading provider of medical education, has been named a finalist for Medical Marketing & Media’s Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand of 2015

MMM’s judges recognized the awesome in ReachMD’s redesigned site, which RevSquare launched in January. The new site realizes the client’s vision of leaving behind a legacy brand and building an immersive, rich, clean, and content-focused experience designed to be attractive to both digital immigrants and digital natives.

Our redesign of ReachMD incorporates video and social-media components alongside the audio content for which ReachMD was already well-known. More than that, we expanded the ways doctors and other healthcare providers engage with ReachMD’s content by building in sharing and commenting functions that deliver on the new invitation to users to “be part of the knowledge.” As doctors become increasingly digitally savvy, our goal was to create a site that shakes the dust off of medical education, while continuing to welcome a more traditional user base. The core functionality would have to be apparent even if users initially chose not to make use of its commenting, sharing, or playlist functions. 

Linking the new site’s commenting with Facebook allowed ReachMD to increase virality, and spark conversations among users, while administrative controls let ReachMD turn off commenting where sensitive topics could pose compliance challenges. 

Technically, the site boasts a fully JavaScript enabled Media Player (plays audio, video, slides, text, and SCORM modules) as well as adaptive, fluid design (multi-device friendly) and optimized for a mobile experience, not to mention a powerful recommendations algorithm and “follow me” experience of media across devices. 

Landing on MMM’s short-list of finalists confirms what ReachMD’s analytics have made clear: the new site works. Engagement has doubled since the redesign, and our client has seen a 617% increase in program downloads, and a 182% increase in returning visitors since the relaunch. 

We’re grateful that ReachMD invited us to be true partners for every step of the reinvention journey. Here’s to victory on October 1!