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Audience Development

If you have the content, you need the right audience to read and engage with it. Audience development, then, becomes an important step for you to figure out how you will develop, grow, and retain users who will engage with your brand. For RevSquare, expanding an audience involves an iterative process of discovering and experimenting with new tactics and technologies to reach, cultivate, and expand your target audience.

What We Offer

We start with a strategy phase to assess your brand’s current performance across different acquisition channels, including social media, email, organic search, paid search, and referrals. This phase may include determining a subset of strategies for email, content, social media, influencers, SEO, and more. To help improve audience development, RevSquare will work to provide a strategy, refine the user personas and journeys, analyze competitors and influencers, and implement the recommendations.


During the strategy phase, RevSquare defines the audience your brand is trying to reach by asking these important questions: Who is your current audience, who is your target audience, and what are your customers’ journeys? Our team will work with you to understand the organization’s objectives in terms of growth and engagement and come up with a solid strategy for reaching more users.

User Personas and User Journeys

When it comes to figuring out what digital marketing tactics your company should be using, it’s important to understand your company’s target audience. To do so, we analyze surveys, feedback, and research to develop user personas (who your ideal users should be) and user journeys (the path users will take to engage with your brand).

Reporting and Analysis

Performing a competitive analysis will also define how your digital marketing and brand presence compare to top competitors. Our team will analyze other brands in your field to explore how you can match or surpass them, and we will also analyze key influencers to see what draws your users to them and identify potential partners for your own brand. RevSquare will also help you develop analytics and reporting to track metrics, goals, and KPIs that will keep the team on track with regular progress reports.


The process of moving forward and executing strategic recommendations means we will develop a structure, depending on your resources, to oversee and manage your internal digital marketing team or take on the implementation of certain development tasks that includes social media, content marketing, or email marketing. RevSquare will work to help your company meet specific goals, whether they include improving overall site traffic, capturing new email addresses, increasing downloads of a specific app or product, or more. We’ll define and implement the steps toward achieving long-term growth.

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