David is an award-winning innovator with a broad background in strategy, communications, and advocacy with a particular focus on health care. He brings a track record of using emerging digital technology to yield results-oriented business solutions.

An inveterate problem solver, David’s passion is making something easy that was hard before. In his view, technology is brilliant when it's insanely useful. Like a fork, or an iPhone or a sweet pair of all-mountain skis.

“Good design begins with active listening to what clients are trying to accomplish,” he says. “Then when the project starts, we bring near-manic obsession with detail. Clients know our mantra is, get it done and get it done right.”

Recently, he developed a crisis management application for a leading philanthropic organization. After releasing an initial build after a three-week sprint, RevSquare has continued to develop this platform.

Previously, David created Bridge2Care.com, a gamified e-learning platform designed to improve HIV/AIDS treatment. Bridge2Care was provided to more than 1,000 partner organizations in its first year of operation.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, David lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son. He regularly bikes to RevSquare’s offices in Lower Manhattan.