Business Strategy

Our business strategy work gives your company the tools it needs to innovate and prioritize new ideas, to grow and drive revenue, to acquire and engage with new and existing audiences, and ultimately, to achieve your business objectives in the digital space.

What We Offer

RevSquare will conduct a full business strategy assessment and provide a complete digital roadmap, whether your key digital touchpoints with customers are through a responsive website, apps, a video streaming service, or other smart technology. We divide our business strategy work into two core strategy phases, to get a complete picture of your business and goals: digital marketing strategy, and digital products and services strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategy (or growth strategy) considers how your business is reaching the target audiences, how your current marketing efforts are performing, and how to optimize the existing efforts to increase profit and revenue. Answering the questions below will inform the new (or updated) strategy:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How is the target audience being reached?
  • What is the ideal target audience that is not being reached?
  • What is the current outreach strategy and is it effective?
  • Whether it’s effective or not, can the strategy be improved?

Digital Products and Services Strategy

Your products and services might include your plans for a new company website, a digital magazine, a new mobile offering, or even an over-the-top (OTT) streaming channel, if you offer video. RevSquare’s team assesses your existing digital products and services portfolio to see if they currently meet the needs of your existing audiences, or if they capture the needs of potential target audiences. Or, RevSquare can present fresh ideas for developing new products and services. To assess the effectiveness of digital products and services, we’ll help you answer the questions below:

  • What is the existing set of products and services?
  • How are the existing products and services performing?
  • How can the products and services be improved?
  • Are there any new products and services that should be created and developed for the marketplace?

Understanding Your Business Strategy Scenario

Your business strategy needs likely stem from one of four common scenarios. The RevSquare team will work with you to understand which scenario you are currently facing, and which strategic methods and improvements will work best for your project based on that scenario. The four scenarios we consider are:

  1. New technology threatens to disrupt your business, and your current product or service offerings may not be relevant for much longer. How can your business adapt to this new technology environment?

  2. Your current offering does a great job meeting the needs of your core audience. But you want to grow the business and expand to new audiences. How can you achieve that? Would acquiring another company in the digital space solve your problem?

  3. Digital innovation carries risks, and sometimes growing for the digital long-term means reducing revenue from non-digital sources that your company has always depended on. How can you move forward with digital innovation without sacrificing your existing revenue and profit?

  4. There are too many great ideas for moving your business forward, and not enough time or resources to do them all at once. How do you prioritize what to focus on?

Creating a Roadmap

With a keen understanding of the growth scenario you’re facing, plus the results of the digital marketing and digital products and services assessments, we’ll turn toward creating a prioritized roadmap you can act on. Using RevSquare’s formalized methodology, our team will first conduct in-depth brainstorming sessions to understand the persona of current and target audiences and how they align with business objectives. Next, RevSquare assesses the information based on two main criteria—business benefit and feasibility.

Our methodology continues with a prioritization based on benefit and feasibility scales. Once complete, we analyze the results and deliver a fully prioritized roadmap to help you kick off your digital business growth.

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