Content Development

Content Development

At RevSquare, we never create content for content’s sake. Our content marketing begins and ends with the transaction you’re trying to achieve—whether that’s a click on the “buy” button, an email newsletter signup, an eBook download, a video view, or something else. Your goal transactions are the foundation of every piece of content we create.

What We Offer

RevSquare partners with your team at every stage of the content marketing process. We'll help you define a content strategy; build an editorial calendar; produce a blog; create text, video and audio content; perform regular analysis to understand the impact of your content; and more.

Content Strategy

Our deep-dive content strategy phase gives you the building blocks to plan your content for the future, whether you're launching a new website or a new campaign. We'll analyze your goals, your competitors, your brand voice, your publishing frequency, your current content gaps, and your transaction opportunities. The resulting strategy will give your team a complete roadmap for content development and for how best to use your goals.

Content Calendar

To kickstart your content campaigns, RevSquare will create a full editorial calendar that has a strong foundation in SEO. We 'll recommend creating various content types (articles, slideshows, quizzes, videos, and more) for your team, or bear, to create.

Content Production

Whether you’re producing new blog posts on a daily or weekly basis, you need an action plan to share the content and make sure it reaches your target audience. This action plan can include a strategy for content volume, editorial direction, and production management. Our team will help you achieve a balance between original and curated content and also assess the resources you will need to distribute editorial responsibilities to ensure timely content production.

Reporting & Analysis

Understanding what content others in your field are creating is an important step to know what content would capture user attention and engage them the most. We start by analyzing the competitive and influencer landscape to understand what content resonates with your audience and drive project success. Once certain strategies are implemented, our iterative process then analyzes and reports on what’s working or not to ensure consistent traffic.

SEO Recommendations

Your content increases in value when readers can discover it first on search results pages, and this starts by addressing your target keywords, existing site ranks, and competitive content analysis. RevSquare then combines all of the gathered information to craft a keyword/keyphrase strategy for reaching a target audience organically.

Content Promotion Plan

In addition to making sure your content can be ranked and discovered on search results pages, our team will evaluate your content distribution strategy. We will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on social networking, social networking, and social networking. Influencers to share your content, and considering partnerships with other brands to syndicate the content.

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