"Leap and the net will appear."

Chadwick brings an extensive (10+ years!) of email marketing experience—which includes marketing account operations, strategy planning, and project management—to RevSquare. Clients love working with him because he is an effective communicator who makes it a goal to be transparent.

What inspires him most about technology is its ability to do more, with less. And when it comes to design, simplicity is always best. One of his favorite client projects involved building email marketing programs from the ground up while also integrating them into a suite of core agency services. Chadwick worked with corporate and client brand managers to understand their needs and to tailor each service effectively.

Another favorite project involved branding a software industry start-up, where he worked alongside the president and the business development team to identify brand initiatives and strengths across all digital platforms. In working with various clients, Chadwick was also awarded the 2011 Landmarks of Excellence Award, from the Public Relations Society of America.

Outside of work, Chadwick will always be up for some good guacamole (even if he actually dislikes avocados)!

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