"The one thing I am sure of is, 'happiness comes within.'”

Elisa is an expert in UI/UX and interactive design for web and mobile now. She serves as the overall chief of design for the team.

“The perfect project is one that pushes the limits and forces you to go further and to look for new solutions and more creativity,” she says.  Elisa is always reliable, proficient and proactive about delivering on time. She has also more than 12 years experience as a graphic designer mostly for the publishing industry, and she has been honored by several national and international design awards such as the Society for News Design (SND).

Elisa has worked on projects for clients in North America, Europe and Asia for industries such as: news media (The AP, Elle, France 24), entertainment (Bravo, Arte, l’Equipe), education (Workman, Scholastic, Teachers Pay Teachers, Play Bac), retail & services (Sephora, Clinique, Mommy Nearest), corporate services (Rabin Martin, Open Topic), real estate & finance (Cians Analytics, BPCE, No Broker Please), healthcare (Roche, Pfizer), hospitality (Me@oue, Vimagin), construction & transportation (Vinci, Dial7), and non-profit (Community Word Project).

Elisa trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York and obtained a double major in graphic design and journalism from the J-School in Paris.

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