“I spent six months playing music in night bars in Azerbaijan. That was another life.”

Guillaume has been an instrumental part of the RevSquare team for a decade, and today he is chief technolog officer, providing strategic and creative oversight for diverse development projects.

Drawing his deep expertise in programming, application architecture, and project management, Guillaume manages a team of over 50 developers, focusing on scaling and optimizing RevSquare’s development process to achieve impeccable deliverables.

Guillaume prides himself on his keen ability to interact with clients and communicate efficiently with their IT leads.  

“I always try to break down technical problems for clients so that they can understand them,” he says. “This takes time, but it always leads to better relationships with the client’s business and technical teams.”

Guillaume challenges himself and his team to learn from every project, and to always find new and better ways to write code. He takes particular pride in building easy-to-use applications designed to promote great content.
An expert in the sitar, an Indian music instrument, Guillaume has played for Bollywood megastars. He lives in Tahiti, where his wife, an official with the French embassy, just had their second child.

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