”I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" - Susan Sontag

Jason brings six years of project and product management experience working on large-scale site and app launches. His skills came in handy for an OTT service launch with a high-profile media client, allowing him to develop a product from the ground up and guide team members through a completely new product landscape.

His constant interaction with technology has served as a reminder that the possibilities are truly endless; there are new advancements every day that improve the world as a whole, and there are still unexplored cases that can solve unforeseen issues. The intersection of technology and design is where any business can be driven forward to meet any goal.

Jason brings an unwavering dedication to his clients, and his composure serves as a strong guide during challenges. His focus is not to aim for perfect stations and solutions for tough scenarios. Instead, it’s important to “be willing to iterate quickly and learn from your mistakes,” he says.

Outside of the office, Jason is a blogger at WhereCouldIBeNow.com, which chronicled his Round the World trip, plus other travel-related posts. In 2014, he traveled around the world for six months visiting 18 countries, with 38 countries visited to date. He has a self-confessed obsession with travel hacking, with over 1.6 million travel points. Along with traveling, Jason is also an avid golfer; in 2015, he got his first hole-in-one after playing golf for over 20 years.

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