"Don't believe everything you read on the internet because there's a picture with a quote next to it" - Abraham Lincoln

Timothé injects humor and dedication as Product Owner for every client project. His skills are rooted in tech team management, digital marketing, and website data analysis for projects of all sizes. (Plus, he’s fluent in French!)

Some of the well-known French brands that Timothé has worked with include PlayBac, the biggest publisher of daily newspapers for kids and teens, and Essec, the respected business school. For PlayBac, he continues to be involved in creating a digital presence for the print company; this means following the agile methodology to direct a team of five for the next two years.

For Essec, his first long-term project, Timothé directed the release of more than 10 different websites over the course of two years. What inspires him most about technology is the point when technological interactions become natural, but when it comes to design, Timothé swears that designers don’t want him to express his taste—for the greater good!

Timothé always keeps in constant contact with clients for the duration of a project, from strategy to production to maintenance, while also keeping marketing at the top of his mind. (As he says, “I’m easy to love!”) For Timothé, issues are a good challenge because “having issues is a good thing--it’s what helps you find solutions. Without issues, nothing is gonna change.”

During his free time, Timothé is an eSports enthusiast, and he can literally talk about the topic for hours. He’s also a real gamer, having played video games since he was 3 years-old—but you'll never get him to share video proving it!

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