"I would like to see anyone be able to achieve their dreams, and that's what this organization does." - Sergey Brin

Yoni is an expert in social media, influencer marketing, growth hacking, and analytics. As part of the Paris office, he has worked with clients in the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, devoting a good part of his time in developing the methodology and tools needed to deliver quality marketing analytics. He always enjoys exploring new ways to generate large data sets and use them to his clients’ benefit.

Prior to joining Revsquare, Yoni worked at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research as a European Project Manager (2007-2013). He oversaw pioneering projects in the Human Microbiome field, designing and successfully implementing his first social media strategy. As a result, he started working as a freelance social media consultant, with a focus on science and health brands. He was also cited in all 31 scientific communications of the MetaHIT Consortium, with nine published in the journal Nature.

One of his favorite RevSquare projects has been boosting the French social media presence of a global nutrition company. Within two years, Yoni increased the company’s visibility and engagement (17 times more Twitter followers and 20 times more impressions), while maintaining a high level of recruitment quality.

Clients love working with Yoni because of his enthusiasm for their projects; he is never afraid to learn new things and ask questions. He is also a natural team player, and everyone knows his catchphrase, “I love my colleagues!” In his spare time, Yoni is developing a project that mixes urban art and writing. The idea is to share cultural, historical, and scientific references in French using street art as a support.

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